This is a selction of 8 different stouts and porters of varying strengths that have been built at Sir Toby's Beers on Norwich Market. This special selection includes the long-awaited brew of an imperial version of Siren Craft Brews 'Broken Dream' 6.5%... 'Shattered Dream' 9.6% . It also includes the original for comparison! The selection also includes 'Bourbon Barrel-Aged Impy Hating Hippy' 10.3% from Weird Beard. The beers included in this box are:


Ampersand: Cocow 4.8%
Tiny Rebel: Stay Puft 5.2%
Sussex Small Batch: Topical Stout (Chocolate & Hazelnut) 5.5%
Sussex Small Batch: Tirimasu Stout 5.5%
Weird Beard: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Impy Hating Hippy 10.3%
Siren Craft Brew: Broken Dream Breakfast Stout 6.5%

Siren Craft Brew: Shattered Dream Imperial Stout 9.6%
Mr Winter's: Rorschach Stout 5.2%


The box is available for delivery every Monday and Friday NR1-NR7 via Zedify and within a 10-mile radius of Norwich weekly on a Friday.

Dark Beer Box #8: Shattered Dream Edition


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